HiveFun provides a simple way for users to create and join events that they enjoy. Your youth will go by before you know it, so don’t hold back and get started today! Join HiveFun now!


We are committed to building a user-friendly communication and events planning platform. HiveFun is a newly designed event organizing app that allows many types of events. HiveFun is a quick way for people to meet others and participate in many different types of activities. We provide a convenient feature that allows you keep up with the friends you’ve made in events that you’ve participated in. In the near future we will be adding more features to improve the app and one of the many changes we’ll be adding/improving is allowing you to create limitless types of events. We believe HiveFun will have a big impact on those that want to bond with others around them or even around the world!

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Choose your hobbies, Create your events!

We provide many social events that may be of interest to you. As mentioned we will be implementing a more diverse way to create events. The purpose of HiveFun is to make it convenient for anyone to join the events of their choice. You will be able to select the activities you are interested in and participate in them with just an easy click. Create your own exclusive event, invite “your” friends and family to be a part of it.

  • Convenient
  • User-friendly
  • Anyone can join

Make quick cash while enjoying yourself

One of the most important aspect of our app is that we want to allow the ones with leadership and organizational skills that put in the time and money for an event to feel appreciated and feel rewarded. HiveFun allows any creator to make free events but we also allow charged events because we know some events might be more costly than others. We don’t want the hostess to feel like they are being held back because of the cost aspect of hosting an event, what we want is for event creators to make the most of their events and make the most of all the resources available to them. Do not forget that you are also an important member of the event!

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Post your moments, Share the memory

One of our goal is to provide a more comfortable environment for people to post what they love and allow a more friendly way for our members to connect. A key feature we provide in HiveFun is the ability to show others your moments! We want to allow others to see the amazing time you had, this will allow others to feel more comfortable participating in events that they have never tried before. This will provide credibility to others whether you are the hostess or the participant!

How it works

HiveFun is a platform that provides multiple events for everyone to enjoy and be a part of. You can create an event with just a few easy steps, invite your friends, family, and people with similar interest to join the event then you’re good to go. We provide an easy way to search for the types of events based on the hobbies you chose when you registered. We want the event host to get benefits for hosting events, and what better way can we do that other than allow you to make money while having lots of fun! On a low budget? Don’t worry! There will be many free events. Take your time and discover what you love!

Choose what you love!

We value experimentation, creativity, and opportunities. We want you to be able to enjoy yourself while meeting new people and participating events. We love what we do and we do it with a passion because we care! Don’t waste a minute of your youth and go have fun!

Questions & answers

Q & A

Oct 9,2018

How does Hive Fun work?

- Hive Fun is a social application, our goal is helping everyone to finding and organizing the events what they like. Meeting with different people and joining different events are the best parts of our app.

Oct 9,2018

How to create a Hive Fun account?

- It is super easy. Creating a Hive Fun account only require your email address, and you need to verify the email address. Moreover, email address also is the way that can help you to get back your account.

Oct 9,2018

How do I find an interesting event?

- When you set up your interests and range, we will post activities on the map. We suggest choosing as many activities as you like, more hobbies mean you have more chance to find events. Also, we will post some high popularity events on your map.

Oct 9,2018

No event around?

- There are two ways that can help you if you can’t find any event around you.
1. Changing range can expose more interesting event
2. Maybe you can add more hobbies, this is a good chance to find more hobbies for yourself.

Oct 9,2018

How do I create an event?

- There is a “+ event” on the map section, you can create kinds of events. Choose a category and write some details in there. Please explain as clearly as possible for your events, this can increase people’s chances of joining. Moreover, please make sure your event is free or it is charging from people.

Oct 9,2018

What are the requirement to become an event organizer?

- First at all, we need your email address and your bank information. Second, please write what you say in “events detail” as much as possible. Finally, we will charge some transportation fee if your event is charging from participants. Moreover, please make sure you have an event space.

Oct 9,2018

No car? How to get ride?

- Don’t worry, we have already thought of for you. Your location will be post on event group when you joined (You also can hide your location, or just post a place where people can pick you up). We will help you to get ride from group members if you do not have transportation, and they will reply to you when they are available.

Oct 9,2018

Question? How to reach the organizer?

- Organizer’s information will post in event’s information. If you want to know about him/her. Please click his/her icon and you can see how many events that he/she already created, and people’s evaluation also can be found. If you think he did not do what he said, please let us know.

Oct 9,2018

As an organizer, how can I get money from an event?

- After the event is over, the organizer will receive the activity funds within 72 hours.

Oct 9,2018

If I pay for an event, but not attend the event, what should I do?

- You can request refund 48 hours before the event starts. You cannot apply for a refund 48 hour before the start of the event and after the event starts.